Four Maintenance Tasks That You Will Have To Do With The Installation Of An Outdoor Boiler

Posted on: 17 December 2014


If you have been looking for an alternative to gas and electricity, outdoor boilers can be great. These are boilers that are installed outside of your home and can use firewood or biomass fuels to heat your home. These systems cost a lot less to operate than conventional systems, but they also require a lot of maintenance and upkeep to keep them working efficiently. If you are going to have an outdoor boiler installed for your home, here are four maintenance tasks that you will be doing on a regular basis:

1. Stocking And Storing Fuel

An outdoor boiler will require regular stocking of the fuel material. If you are using firewood, this means that you have to store firewood and stock the firebox regularly. Systems that use pellet materials need to have pellet fuel, and you will need to make sure that it is being fed to the boiler. With an outdoor boiler that uses pellet, you will need to store the fuel materials in grain bins, which will help protect it from the elements.

2. Cleaning Exhaust Systems

The exhaust system of an outdoor boiler will need to be cleaned regularly. This is removing the ash and soot that builds up in the pipes. By cleaning the pipes, the system will have better air flow and work more efficiently. Some of the newest boilers have sensors, which may even shut the boiler down when there is too much ash in the exhaust pipes and they need to be clean.

3. Removing And Cleaning Ash Materials

You will also need to remove ash materials from the firebox. Most boilers also have tubes that ash builds up in, and cleaning them will help to ensure that the boiler is heating liquids efficiently. With a biomass boiler, the ignition chamber will also need to be cleaned. This is where the biomass fuel is heated, and if there is too much ash, it will not ignite and the boiler will not work.

4. Regular Inspection Of The System And Parts

It is also important to regularly inspect all the parts of the system. You want to check the grain bins where fuel is stored for biomass boilers, and the firebox in wood burning boilers. It is also important to inspect all the pumps and gauges to ensure that the system is working efficiently. Doing this will allow you to find problems that need to be fixed before they cause major damage to your boiler.

These are some of the maintenance tasks you will need to do for your outdoor boiler. If you need help setting up the grain storage bins and fuel feeding systems for a biomass outdoor boiler, contact a vendor of grain bins to get the system you need for your boiler.