3 Steps Needed To Create A Zone System With Your Furnace

Posted on: 18 December 2014


If you live in an older, two-story home and have problems with controlling the heat on both floors, it is probably because your home has only one thermostat. Heating systems in newer homes generally have two or more thermostats, which is a necessity for finding a comfortable temperature in a two-story house. You can hire a heating contractor to fix this problem for you, and the contractor will need to complete several steps during this project.

Add an Extra Thermostat

Heat naturally rises, and when a two-story house has only one thermostat, the heat on both floors will run anytime the temperature falls to a certain point. Because of this, the upstairs will become a lot hotter than the main floor of your home.

The contractor will add a separate thermostat to the upstairs of your house, and this will allow you to control the heating system on both levels. Unfortunately, adding an extra thermostat is not the only step required to fix the problem.

Install Zone Dampers

Zone dampers are devices placed in the air ducts of your home. A damper is designed to control the air that flows to certain areas of a house, and this is possible because a damper opens and closes as needed. Dampers are electronically controlled, and they know exactly when to open and close based on the communication they receive from the control panel.

In a zone heating system, you can request heat on the main floor without providing heat to the upstairs by turning on the main floor thermostat. When this is done, the dampers inside the ducts that go upstairs will remain closed. This stops heat from going upstairs when it is not needed.

Tie in a Control Panel

The final step the contractor will do is to tie the thermostats into a zone control panel. This panel is normally placed by the furnace, and it is used for the thermostats to communicate with the furnace and dampers.

Wiring in the control panel is one of the hardest parts of this job, but it is extremely important if you want your heating system to work like a zone system.

By completing this project in your house, you will be able to achieve comfortable temperatures on your main floor and upstairs. You can talk to a heating contractor at places like Virginia Mechanical Heating & Air Conditioning about this project, and this will help you find out how much it will cost and what it will involve.