Prepare Your Home For Your Vacation This Holiday Season

Posted on: 30 December 2014


This holiday season, as you prepare for your upcoming trip to an island in the sun, don't forget to prepare your home for your absence. These tips will help keep your house safe, and help lower your bills in your absence.

Unplug Your Electronics and Appliances

Some appliances and electronics draw energy while plugged in, even if they're not in use. To lower your electric bills, unplug your television, DVD player, computers and microwave. If you plan to be gone for long enough that all your perishable items will spoil anyway, consider emptying out your refrigerator and unplugging it as well. 

Turn Down the Thermostat

To save on heating bills, turn down your thermostat to 60 degrees Fahrenheit. Some modern thermostats have a vacation mode which gives homeowners control over their thermostat over a 24 hour period. If your thermostat has such a feature, take advantage of it. Vacation mode will allow you to lower temperatures during the day and raise temperatures at night, preventing your pipes from freezing when temperatures outside are at their lowest.

Make Your Home Look Occupied

The holidays are a time when many thefts and burglaries take place, and empty homes make easy targets. Making your home seem occupied helps to protect it from burglaries. Ask a neighbor or family member to check in on your home once a day. Have your neighbor park in your driveway to maintain the appearance of being at home. 

To further maintain the illusion of occupancy, put your lights on timers and pay for your driveway and walkway to be shoveled in your absence. Piles of mail and unopened packages are a dead giveaway, so have your mail held at the post office, or ask whomever is caring for your home to put the mail in a spot where it can't be seen from the window. Suspend your newspaper service for the duration of your vacation

Prevent a Plumbing Disaster

If your pipes have a history of freezing, consider draining your pipes. To do this, turn off the main water valve to your home. Next, turn on all the faucets in the house, starting from the top floor and working your way into the basement. Then, turn on all bathtubs and showers starting with the top floor, and finally, flush all the toilets, starting from the top floor. When you go on your trip, leave all the faucets open and the main water valve turned off. For more plumbing tips, contact a company like Orange Coast Plumbing.

With all this done, you can enjoy your vacation with peace of mind, knowing you did everything you could to protect your property.