Little Ones, Little Rooms - Coping With A Small Nursery

Posted on: 8 January 2015


You just found out that you're having a baby, but you don't know want to leave behind your stellar apartment. Just because your family is growing does not mean that you cannot have a beautiful nursery for your little one. You do not have to build yourself a mansion to create a home. These nursery tips will help you make your room appear and seem larger.

Go for Function

Not only should your nursery look stunning, but it should be completely functional as well. The changing table and crib should be easily accessible without the use of two hands, and often-used items should be easy to reach.

Items that serve more than one purpose are excellent. A changing table that doubles as a set of drawers saves a ton of space. A changing tray that slides right on top of the crib or cradle is also a big space-saver.

Hang It Up

Save space in your small nursery by hanging your cradle from the ceiling. It's completely safe to hang your cradle, and it replicates the feeling of being inside the womb when the baby feels the rocking sensation.

In the same vein, you should also consider hanging up shelves for extra storage. Floating shelves give you the floor space you need for other important items.

Still in despair over the size of your room? Hang up a few large mirrors in the room to give the appearance of a larger space and more light.

Go Tall or Go Home

If you do opt to purchase stand-up shelves, ensure that you choose tall ones with high capacity. Wide shelves will take up horizontal space that you can use for more essential items.

No Clutter

The smaller the room, the more you want to avoid clutter. Use shelves and organizers to keep everything in its place. You definitely do not want to allow items to overwhelm your small nursery.

Hide storage whenever you can. Drawers can be pushed under cribs and dressers, and this is a great way to keep extra items out of the way until you need them.

Fill the Corners

Keep items in corners to maximize the amount of floor space in the room. Your room will appear bigger, and you won't have unusable areas in the way. Place furniture, chairs and organizers in these areas.

No matter how much space you have, organizing your room correctly will lead to an efficient nursery that includes everything you and your little one need. Getting in touch with a room additions contractor could be the next best step -- but in the meantime there are plenty of ways to get around your lack of space.

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