How To Repair Your Hardwood Floors

Posted on: 27 January 2015


Are your hardwood floors showing sign of wear and cosmetic damages? If so, and you want to restore the look and quality back into your floors then you may want to consider doing some simple and easy to do repairs. Not only will repairs help you avoid the costly expense of having to replace your floors, but they can add a bit more life back into your home, without you having to spend a whole lot of cash. So, to restore your floors you may want to consider simple repairs:

Scuff Removal with A Pencil Eraser:

If there are shoe or furniture scuffs on your floors and you want to try an easy and affordable method to remove these scuffs then you may want to consider using a pencil eraser. A pencil eraser can be very effective and can help remove scuffs from the surface of your hardwood floors without creating any damages to the wood of your floors.

This method can be very helpful, as it is very inexpensive, which allows you to perform this method whenever scuffs are present, without you having to worry about the cost of this service.

Refinish The Surface:

Are your floors covered in scuffs, dents, and chipped paint? If so, you may want to consider refinishing the surface of your floors. This can be done by buffing out the surface of your floors with sandpaper, adding a primer, followed by adding your hardwood floor finish. With this service, you will be able to restore your entire hardwood flooring, which will make your floors look and feel like new.

Add Padded Felt To Furniture Items:

To ensure you are not constantly dealing with dents or scuffs caused by furniture items, you will want to consider placing felt on the bottom of each furniture leg that you own. This will help reduce cosmetic wear and damages to your floors, which can add life and quality back into your floors. This will also increase the longevity of your floors, which can give you a better return on your investment if the floors aren't the original floor that came with the house during the time of your purchase.

With repairs and services like these you will be able to restore the appearance of your hardwood floors and help prevent further scratches and scuffs from occurring. So, rather than assume your floors are beyond repair, consider trying out these tips and you may find them to be very effective.