How To Keep Granite Countertops In Great Condition

Posted on: 4 February 2015


The great thing about using granite as a countertop surface in a kitchen or is how durable it is. The natural stone is capable of taking a lot of abuse after years of heavy use. Since the surface can be treated to make it waterproof, it makes granite a perfect choice for areas where a countertop is prone to getting wet.

If you do decide to go with granite countertops in your home, make sure to follow these tips to keep it in great condition:

Test Your Granite

Your granite will need a sealant on it to make it resistant to stains, but how do you know when it is time to seal it? Sealing granite too often can cause its surface to have a milky appearance, which will ruin the look of our countertop. You can test the granite to tell if it is finally time to reseal by using the following methods.

You can apply mineral oil on a small section of the granite surface to see if it makes the stone darker. If your granite remains the same color after 10 minutes, you do not need to seal it. If it does darken, then your countertops are susceptible to stains from oils.

Another trick is to place a wet cloth on your granite for 5 minutes. Remove the cloth, and look at the color of the granite beneath. If the countertop darkened from absorbing the water, it means that the previous sealant is gone and the water absorbed into the stone. It is a good indicator that it is time to reseal.

Seal Your Granite

The most important part of sealing a granite countertop is making sure that the surface is clean. Once all the dust, dirt, and grime is gone, you can apply your granite sealant. These sealants typically spray directly on the granite surface, and you will wipe off the excess sealant once the surface is covered.

Protect Your Granite

Granite is a tough material, but you should still take care with how you handle it. For example, while granite can handle heat fairly well, it is a not a good idea to place a hot pan directly on the countertop. Extreme heat like this can damage the granite. Always use protection when placing a hot object on the countertops. Also, avoid dragging scratchy materials across the surface like ceramics.

Following these tips will help keep your granite in great condition. To learn more, contact a company like Fine Kitchens and Baths by Patricia Dunlop with any questions you have.