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Enhancing Different Areas Of Your Bathroom

Changing the look of your bathroom cannot be done until you have a set plan. Your goal is to determine how functional the space needs to be and then you can choose stylish options. With this in mind, you will have an easier time choosing the right enhancements for the space.

Shower Enclosure

One enhancement you can make to your bathroom is to update the shower area. Unless you like to take baths, your first change is to remove the tub and create a unique shower stall.

Without the tub, you start by adding an enclosed panel of glass and you leave one spot open, which will act as the doorway for the shower. This allows you to use the three existing walls for the rest of the stall, so you do not have to create a completely new structure for your shower. To enhance the design, you can have the contractor add decorative tiles to the three main walls to complete the overall look of the shower.

To help enhance this space even further, you have the option of creating unique pattern for the water. For example, you can create a rain affect by installing the showerhead in the ceiling so the water comes down vertically. This design option mimics the direction of natural rain, which makes it different from traditional shower stalls.

Separate Storage

Another option for increasing useable space and adding style is to create separate storage areas in your bathroom. You have several ways of completing this task, though a common option is to use a sectional cabinet system.

Several companies offer premade cabinets that come with individual sections. These sections have stationary and pull out shelves for all of your toiletry items. This model type looks like a solid cabinet from the outside, but when you open the doors, you will see the individual areas that you can use.

When you look into storage, you should also consider making a custom design with shelves and baskets. Placing glass shelves near shower stalls for example, is a great way to get the extra storage you need. Another benefit of using this type of shelving material is that the steam from the hot water will not warp the glass.

Additionally, you can use plastic baskets for shower items such as extra soap and shampoo. These baskets can handle excess moisture, and they will not generally warp from the water and they are easy to clean. Several companies manufacture a number of decorative plastic baskets in several color pallets; you will just need to find the ones that best suit your design scheme.

When remodeling your bathroom, you have several design options. However, before you make any decisions, you need to consider how each change will enhance the space. Whether your goal is to add style and/or functionality, it is best to know which ones work for your personal situation and then make a plan to complete the project. Contact a company like Affordable Custom Enclosures for more information.

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Make Your Home Smarter With These High-Tech Upgrades

If you are a high-tech household, there are a number of upgrades you can put into your home to make life more convenient. From powering your tablet to controlling temperature, devices are available at your home improvement store to give you more ways to manage your home. Here are just a few of the ways you can update your house to match your high-tech lifestyle.

Electrical Outlets

Replace existing electrical outlets with electrical/USB combination outlets. Each outlet comes with two plugs and two USB charging ports. Quit tying up an electrical outlet with USB charging units. Plug your USB powered devices into power wherever you are in the house.

Power Strips

Stop tripping over extension cords and install built-in power strips into the wall or floor of your home office. Models are available that include USB charging ports and surge protection.

Network Hubs

If you rely on wireless networking in your home, new network hubs give you better connectivity and protection. Run the network connection from your cable or DSL ISP into the hub and set up access to all of your home devices. You have better monitoring tools on these hubs to see who has accessed your network. You can also enable and disable access remotely from your smartphone or tablet.

Smart Thermostats

A local home improvement store like Huber Lumber Co will carry a variety of high-tech thermostats with which you can easily upgrade your current home thermostat. Some remember the settings you use over a period of a few days and program themselves to duplicate those settings. Many allow you to monitor them and make adjustments remotely from a mobile device.

Power Monitoring

Understand exactly how your home is using electricity with new power monitoring systems. You can track the electrical usage at every outlet in your house. See where the “energy vampires” exist – those devices which continue to use electricity even after turned off. Enable and disable power to selected outlets. All of this can be done remotely with your smartphone or tablet.

Color-Changing LED Lighting

Replace existing light bulbs in your home with new LED lights. These can be programmed to turn on or off, become dimmer or brighter, and change colors on a preset schedule. Or use a mobile device to change the lighting in your home when you’re away. Make your home look lived in when out of town.

Remote-Controlled Shutters

Even the control of your window shutters has gone high-tech. Devices are available that connect with existing shutters to open and close them on a schedule. Open your living room shutters automatically to the morning sun and close them at dusk. Of course, you have the option of controlling them from your mobile device, as well.

Bluetooth Door Locks

Some of these replace all of your locking hardware while a few integrate with existing deadbolts. All use Bluetooth technology to allow them to be opened with a smartphone or tablet. Issue digital keys to family members so they can use their smartphones to access the locks. Monitor, lock and unlock doors remotely.

More high-tech ways to make your home smarter are introduced each year. If you like the idea of being safe, connected and with the ability to watch and control your house remotely, look into some of these high-tech home upgrades.

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Molding Can Make A Huge Visual Impact On The Overall Look Of Your Dining Room

Creating a finished look in a dining room is important to many homeowners. It can be difficult to determine which changes to make because some can be more expensive than others. One way to make a huge impact on the look of your dining room is to add molding to the room. The following guide will help you learn about a few things you need to take into consideration when adding molding to the room.


The first thing you need to consider is the placement of the molding. Molding can go around the top edge of your room where the wall and ceiling meet, around the bottom of the room where the baseboard and wall meet, and even around the center of the room as a chair rail. Determining the placement for your molding will help you determine the size of the molding you want to have hung in your home.


There are some moldings that have intricate designs on them and some that have a very basic look at them. Adding intricately detailed molding to the room will had a huge visual impact to the room without costing you a ton of money. You can also paint the molding a bold color if you want to make the look even more unique.

Room Preparation

You need to prepare the room for the molding before having it hung on your wall. If you want to paint the walls in the room, you need to paint them before you have the molding attached to ensure that you are able to have a finished look when it is done. Be sure to paint the room a few days before you actually plan to have the molding hung to ensure that the paint has plenty of time to dry before continuing.

Professional Mounting

You want to hire a professional to mount the molding for you because it can be a very difficult job to do on your own. There are a lot of measurements that need to be taken and precise cuts will need to be made to make the molding fit together properly. When searching for a professional, you want to be sure that you find out if they have experience with hanging the molding you want to have hung.

When everything is complete, the molding will make your room look new and more eye-catching. Molding is very inexpensive and can be hung within one day’s time. To learn more about hiring a general contractor to help with moldings, contact Lehman Construction Services Inc

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