Don't Fall For Elevator Myths

Posted on: 30 May 2015


Elevators are a part of life, especially for city dwellers who ride them multiple times a day. Even though they have been around for centuries, you may still be leery of them, largely because you have heard horror stories about being trapped in or crushed by one. In reality, elevators are extremely safe due to sophisticated construction techniques and quality elevator maintenance services.


The earliest elevators were supported by a rope or ropes, but those days are long gone. Still, the vision of a single rope snapping and dropping the elevator twelve stories persists for some fearful riders. In reality, you are being supported by a series of steel cables, each of which can probably support the car alone.  The building codes dictate how strong the cables must be, but many systems are able to support twelve times the weight of a loaded elevator. In order for the car to break free, all of the cables would have to snap at once, which is highly unlikely.  


Elevators do become stuck occasionally, but the situation is usually corrected in a matter of minutes.  Even if you are trapped for a longer period, you should never try to escape.  Elevators are designed to be safe places, and they are by far safer than anything on top or outside of the stuck car. Ring the buzzer, breathe deeply, and wait. Remain calm and pleasant to those stuck with you. Remember, the car is not going to fall because the cable system is extremely strong.  

Crammed Cars

Even if you are stuck on a car with a crowd of people, some of whom may be quite heavy, the worst thing that will happen is that you will be uncomfortable. An overloaded car will not move. If too many people pile onto your elevator, it will sit there until enough people exit and make the weight acceptable. You do not need to nervously read the weight limit posted on the wall and assess your fellow passengers' weight. They might notice you're staring and become hostile, and the elevator system has already done the job for you anyway.  

Each year, 26 people in the United States die from elevator accidents, while 26 people die every five hours from car accidents.  Elevators are quite safe as long as they follow building codes and undergo proper elevator maintenance services. You may feel free to stop holding your breath and just enjoy the ride. For more question on elevators and maintenance, contact a company like Capital Elevator Services Inc.