3 Gutter Maintenance Tips

Posted on: 11 June 2015


If you want to protect your roof and keep your home leak and water damage free, one of the main things you will need to do is take great care of your gutters. There are some practical gutter maintenance tips that will allow you to do this, in order to protect the investment of your home and save money in costly repairs. To maintain your gutters properly, use this guide and employ some of these tips, which will be valuable for you throughout the years. 

ā€‹#1: Stay On Top Of You Gutter Cleaning Schedule 

When you need to be sure that you are keeping your gutters properly looked after, it pays to keep a thorough and specific cleaning schedule. You will typically need to be sure that you clean your gutters twice per year, so that they remain unclogged and so that you get the best possible performance. When cleaning your gutters yourself, you can use a gentle pressure washer and a specifically designed brush. Never scrape out debris from the gutters with any sort of sharp edged tools, as this can badly damage your gutters. Hiring professionals, like D & M Exteriors, to clean your gutters is ideal, so be sure to touch base with a contractor who can l look out for you. 

#2: Periodically Check Your Gutters For Any Damage Or Leaks

In order to be sure that your gutters are not taking significant damage throughout the years, you should make sure that any problems get nipped in the bud quickly. Climb atop a ladder and look through every facet of your gutters, checking for any holes, soft spots, current leaks, heavy scratches or other problems that may arise over time. Many of these things can be easily fixed with putty purchased from your local hardware store. 

#3: Follow Some Key Safety Tips

Since you are responsible for some ongoing maintenance, you should be sure that you also protect your safety. First and foremost, make sure that your ladder is sturdy and without any potential weaknesses, so that it will hold your weight. Always practice a few times, so that you have some comfort and familiarity with using your ladder. Further, wear a pair of thick gloves, goggles or other eyewear and rubber sole shoes with fresh grip, in order to protect yourself thoroughly. 

Keep these tips in the front of your mind, so that your gutters are well maintained for years.