Keep Your Garden From Flooding With Curbing

Posted on: 27 July 2015


It can be very depressing to plant a garden only to have it rain enough to flood the area and kill your plants. One way to help with drainage, so the plants are not overwatered, is to use curbing around the plots. When properly placed, the curbing will not only allow the water to drain out of the garden area, but will protect it against extra water flowing into the planted area from the rest of the yard.

Dig a Trench

When using curbing to provide extra drainage to your landscaping, don't just place it along the edge of the garden area. Dig a small trench around the perimeter of the garden. Make the trench 1 inch deeper than half of the height of the curbing. If you are using 3-inch high pavers, make the trench 2 ½ inches deep (half of 3 inches is 1 ½ inches, plus the 1 inch).

Put 1 Inch of Gravel in the Trench

Pour 1 inch of gravel into the trench. This will make the area more porous so the rain seeps into the ground and is dispersed more easily. Water that is in the garden and around the plants will seep into the ground and travel towards the gravel because it provides the path of least resistance. This gives the ground under the plants or outside the garden time to absorb more water, keeping it from sitting around the plants' roots and rotting them.

Set the Curbing

Carefully place the curbing material on top of the layer of gravel. Hold each piece in place and fill in around it with soil. Try to avoid pressing too hard on the curbing to keep it from compacting the gravel. The idea is to keep as much airspace as possible under the curbing to allow for drainage. If you are trying to allow for better flow from the garden out, leave a bit of space between each piece of curbing. However, if you need to keep water from flowing from the yard into the garden, it is best to use some type of cement between pieces to stop it.

Curbing can be made from something simple, like red bricks or decorative pavers. Before deciding on what you should use, take notice of how much water sits in the garden and how much stays in the lawn. Plan the curbing according to the way the water sits and accumulates. The idea is to protect the plants from too much water. If your garden area is sloped, the curbing will also keep the soil from washing away as it drains.

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