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Tips to Troubleshoot a Portable Air Conditioner Unit

Knowing how to do basic troubleshooting on your portable air conditioner can help to extend the life of your unit and keep it running efficiently. Here are some of the most common problems encountered with a portable air conditioner and what you can do.

The Unit Is Leaking

Occasionally, you will notice your portable air conditioner leaking. Condensation builds in your unit as it is used and it usually is dispelled through a drain hose. However, the hose can sometimes become clogged and lead to water building up and leaking onto the floor. Check your owner’s manual for the location of your hose. Once you have found the hose, remove it and clean it. 

If the leaking continues, check the water reservoir. The reservoir also collects condensation as the unit runs. Empty the reservoir and put it back into position. 

The Unit Is Frozen 

Another common problem with the portable air conditioner is that ice can build up on the inside. An ice buildup is usually a sign that the filter is dirty. Remove the filter and wash it. Allow it to completely dry before replacing the filter. Wait a couple of hours before turning on the portable unit to allow the ice to melt and the unit to dry. 

If the problem persists, it is possible that the refrigerant levels in the portable unit need to be checked. Refrigerant can be tricky, so call on a professional HVAC technician to fix your unit. 

The Unit Is Not Cooling the Room

When the portable unit is not cooling the room in which it is used, ensure it is not being blocked by furniture or any other objects. You also should check the filter and vacuum its vents to ensure there is no dust buildup preventing it from blowing air efficiently. 

Another possibility is that it is not large enough for the room. Check the BTU rating for the unit and ensure that it is sufficient for the room. Refer to your owner’s manual for the recommended square footage of the room for your unit. If the unit does not have enough BTUs for the space, you will need to either move it to a smaller room or purchase an additional unit.  

Even though your air conditioner is a portable unit, it still requires a certain amount of care. To ensure that it is running at its best, have it serviced on a regular basis by a HVAC technician like Custom Comfort.

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Improve Your Electrical System With Information And Engagement – Questions To Ask Your Electrician

When your home’s electrical system undergoes damage or isn’t performing up to your standards, repairing it yourself may seem both difficult and dangerous. In these instances, hiring an electrician is an excellent way to guarantee the service that you desire, but many people go in to electrical work on their homes without any understanding of the process they’re about to endure.

Below, you’ll find a guide to some questions you should be sure to ask your electrician before you start a home electrical repair project. Having the answers to these questions will give you confidence that your home is in good hands, and will also allow you to develop a baseline of knowledge that could allow you to perform some basic repair tasks in the future.

Ask About Permits

Electrical work is unique in that it often doesn’t only affect your home. Your house is hooked into an electrical grid that serves your neighbors as well, so the potential for work to have an effect on the operation of that system is of concern to some public authorities.

In some cases, permits have to be secured before certain electrical work can be performed. Be sure to ask your electrician which of you is responsible for securing those permits, and if it’s you, be sure that you have an exact understanding of the scope of work to be done so you can receive the proper authority.

Ask About Warranties

Even the most skilled electrician may face conditions from time to time that make a project difficult to complete. Old or inadequate wiring or malfunctioning appliances can cause unforeseen damage to an electrical system that may be exacerbated by a fix performed in another area of the system.

You should be sure to ask your electrician about the guarantees and warranties that he or she offers on their work. Often times, your electrician will be willing to make adjustments until you’re satisfied at no additional cost, but it’s important to have this understanding fully fleshed out ahead of time.

Ask About Insurance

While all professional electricians (including Dr Electric) carry insurance that will shield you from liability in the event of an on the job accident, you should also be aware of the way electrical work could affect your homeowners insurance premiums. In many cases, electrical improvements will decrease your liability and could even cause your payments to drop, so it’s important that you consult with your electrician about his or her experience in that area.

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