Commercial Roofing Questions You Need Answered

Posted on: 10 September 2015


Maintaining a roof is a task that can turn out to be far more confusing and complicated that you may have originally thought. In particular, this can be especially true for those that have a limited understanding about the types of maintenance needs and problems that a roof can encounter. Once you have some of the more common questions and concerns about roofing answered, you will likely be in a better position when you are making choices for this part of your business's building.  

Can A New Roof Be Placed On Top Of My Old One?

When your roof is starting to get older, you may notice that it is starting to experience problems more frequently than it did in the past. In these cases, you may need to consider having a new roof installed, and while this may seem inconvenient, it should be noted that it may be possible for your contractor to simply lay down a new roof on top of your old one. 

Before this can be done, the roof will have to be inspected for signs of substantial damages. Often, moisture can cause a damaged roof to start rotting beneath the shingles. As a result, your contractor may need to reach your attic in order to look for signs of water damage. If the roof is free of rot, insect damages or other structural issues with the wooden substructure, you should have no problem simply installing a new roof on top of your old one. 

What Can Be Done To Address Standing Puddles Of Water On The Roof?

Standing pools of water on the roof are a common issue that you business may experience following a rain storm. This issue may not seem like a major threat, but it can cause endless problems for your roof. As the water seeps into the roofing materials, it can cause molds, mildews and rot to develop. These issues will gradually weaken the roof, but you may be able to install upgrades to help reduce this from occurring. 

One of the most effective is a rain drain. These are small channels that are installed on your roof, and they provide a pathway for water to flow. By giving the water a path to the ground or your gutter system, you can prevent pools of water from gradually damaging your roof. 

Knowing about some of the more common issues that can afflict your business's roof is a critical part of being an informed business owner. Having a thorough knowledge about what damages to look for and how you can prevent pools of water from gathering on your roof will help you when making decisions regarding your business's roof. Contact a roofing contractor like Bob Behrends Roofing & Gutters LLC today for more information.