Protect Your Rooftop Deck Investment During A Hail Storm

Posted on: 13 October 2015


What large cities don't have in floor space, they make up for in large buildings. Though you may not be able to have a large yard in a large city, what you can have is a rooftop deck. If your condominium or purchased loft comes with a large rooftop area, you can make this your outdoor playground. You can use the spot to plant flowers, set up patio equipment, or even lay down turf to make a grassy area. One of the most obstructive issues you will run into with a rooftop deck is the threat of hail damage. Here are some ways to protect your investment and prepare for impending hail.

Keep furniture indoor space for furniture or tie furniture down

Investing in lightweight furniture, such as wicker furniture, for your rooftop is fine, although you will need to be cautious of high speed winds and hail. If hail is on the forecast, move the furniture inside of the home. If you live in a city where square footage is at a minimum and you don't have area inside of your home to move the outdoor furniture, you can install hooks on the ground of the rooftop deck, and tie the furniture down so that it does not move. Keep a tarp that you can also tie down over your furniture so that the possible damage is lessened.

Keep built-in structures to a minimum

A swing with a built-in shade or a small shack used to hold outdoor equipment are tempting structures to keep on a rooftop deck. Though you may like the look or the convenience of these items, stay away from building structures or purchasing structures that are easy to break during a hail storm. Many swing shades that require your assembly at home may not be as tightly bolted as a professionally built swing set. A swing with a large shade or a shack can easily be damaged and fall apart during hail storm and cause more roof harm due to large, heavy pieces falling on the roof. If you need roof hail damage repair, your insurance may not cover damages caused by outside structures placed on the roof. In order to keep inspection and insurance issues to a minimum, stick to furniture and items that are durable.

Invest in a generator

One of the problems with exterior structures and weather is the inability to control the utilities. A hail storm can knock down electrical wiring on the roof, and insurance may or may not cover the rebuild. To bypass electrical loss as an issue, use a portable generator for your rooftop. Bring the generator when you need to have power or when you are using the deck. In inclement weather, pack up the generator to prevent damage and to keep your power source in good condition.

For more tips on preventing damage to your roof, contact a roofing company like Rocky Mountain Roofers & Gutters.