Keeping Children Safe In A Rented Moonwalk Attraction

Posted on: 10 January 2016


If you are considering renting a moonwalk attraction for a children's birthday party, you are most likely concerned about the safety of the children who will be using the equipment. Moonwalk bouncy houses are a fun activity for children if proper safety precautions are taken in the setup and maintenance of the unit while it is in your possession. Here are some steps you can take in ensuring you are providing a safe activity for those who intend on participating in the use of this apparatus.

Find The Best Location

When placing a moonwalk rental, make sure the ground is completely flat. When the attraction is filled with air, it will not be able to be dragged to another location as it will be quite heavy. Walk on the area where you intend on setting up the moonwalk to make sure there are no dips in the dirt or protruding rocks that can cause a puncture. In many cases, the rental company will come to inflate the apparatus for you. Show them the area you wish to set up and see if they agree that it will suffice for the duration of the event.

Watch For Inclement Weather

If you plan on hosting the party on a day when high winds are in the forecast, it is best to monitor the situation and alert children to get out of the attraction if winds seem to get too rough. There have been incidents in the past of children being swept away with a moonwalk rental because they were inside during high wind events. If you find it is difficult to keep your place settings on your table or if your hair is whipping around making it difficult for you to see, you need to get children out of the moonwalk immediately.

Wet weather should also be avoided when using a moonwalk. Since the inflatable attraction is made from PVC, vinyl, or nylon, it may be a bit slippery for children to stay upright when it gets wet. At the first sign of raindrops, have children vacate the moonwalk. Wipe down the surface of the material before allowing children to get back inside if it stops raining.

Check The Anchors Periodically

The moonwalk that you rent will be anchored into the ground with plastic or metal stakes. Metal stakes are more secure than plastic. The location of the anchors should be pointed out to the children so that they do not run around the perimeter of the unit, possibly falling onto one of them. Make it a rule to walk when getting ready to get into the moonwalk so there is less chance of this type of accident occurring.

Keep An Adult Nearby

Do not allow the children to get into the moonwalk without an adult present. The adult can monitor the behavior of the children and will be able to keep the number of participants using the attraction within the recommended guidelines. If too many children want to get on at once, the parent can time the usage into intervals so that all children will have their fair share of time playing inside. For more information, consider contacting companies like Rentals And More Inc.