Want To Improve Energy Efficiency In An Old Home? Use Spray Foam Insulation

Posted on: 8 March 2016


Many new homes are constructed in a way to provide the future homeowner with superb energy efficiency. However, when old properties go without extensive updating throughout its lifetime, you could have a charming home with outrageous energy costs on your hands. An easy way to make it more efficient is by using spray foam insulation, which you can accomplish on a fairly tight budget.

Apply to the Exterior Walls

When you take on this kind of project, you need to determine whether you want to go with closed-cell or open-cell spray foam. The latter is costlier, but it also provides almost twice as much insulation power. If you live in an area where it is not uncommon for wind speeds to cause damage to properties, you will want to prioritize closed-cell spray foam as it makes structure stronger as well.

Bypass Other Changes

Other projects that you could undertake for improving energy efficiency include installing new doors, windows, or an entirely new heating and cooling system. However, these projects are costly and only put a bandage on the problem. Fixing the insulation in the whole house will almost resolve it entirely. Also, choosing this project alone will ensure you can get closed-cell spray foam for optimal performance.

The average amount that homeowners spend to install spray foam insulation is $1,791, which is a reasonable number when you consider the long-term impact it can have. Picking closed-cell over open-cell will only cost you $0.26 to $0.35 extra per board foot, which is worth it for the better insulation.

Enjoy Secondary Benefits

Spray foam insulation provides far more than just optimal protection against air leakage. It will help you naturally keep your home at a comfortable temperature, instead of having to use various methods. When you have to constantly change the thermostat, open or close doors and windows, start a fire, dress up, or dress down to stay comfortable in your home, it can get a little tiring. Insulation with spray foam relieves you of these responsibilities for most of the year, except for extremely hot or cold days.

Another thing that spray foam insulation does is block the sound from outside. If you happen to live on a busy street or close to a police station, fire station, or hospital, you will enjoy the sound barrier.

Getting spray foam insulation is a highly effective and budget-friendly project to improve the energy efficiency in your old home. For more information, contact Fortune Insulation Contractors Inc or a similar company.