Four Creative Uses For Recycling Your Cardboard Boxes

Posted on: 7 April 2016


Whether you've just moved homes or you get your groceries boxed at the supermarket, you might have a significant number of cardboard boxes that need disposal. While you can break them up and cart them to the curb on recycling day, it's important to remember that you can also transform the boxes to use them in different ways around the home. Using your boxes for storage for children's crafts is ideal, but there are a number of other ways to recycle at least some of your boxes. Here are four ideas.

Package Stuffing

If you frequently send packages in the mail, you might spend a significant amount of money on bubble wrap to keep the items protected. You can make homemade package stuffing with your cardboard boxes. Break down a box and, with a utility knife, cut long strips of the cardboard. Crumple each strip up between your hands and you'll have something versatile that can easily be packed around a variety of products. The corrugated nature provides support and will limit your need to buy packaging materials.

Homemade Gift Tags

For creative people who enjoy wrapping gifts in a rustic style, making custom gift tags out of old cardboard boxes is ideal. Use heavy scissors to cut the tags out of the box in any desired shape, carefully cut a small hole with a knife or scissors and then paint or otherwise decorate the tag based on the design you're going for. You can then pass a piece of twine through the small hole and tape it to the wrapped gift.

Drawer Dividers

While you can buy plastic drawer dividers, recycling your cardboard boxes into dividers is a fun project to tackle. Carefully measure the width of the drawers in your dresser, desk or even your kitchen, and then cut pieces of cardboard to fit -- you want the cardboard to fit snugly so that the friction between the cardboard and the sides of the drawer keeps your homemade divider upright and in place.

Homemade Photo Frames

Framing photos can be costly, but with a little effort you can build custom photo frames out of cardboard. Find a photo that you wish to frame, cut the right size of hole in the cardboard and make the frame as wide as you'd like. You can then cover the frame in wrapping paper or paint it -- or, when decorating for children's rooms, have your kids paint their own frames.