Trusses Are An Important Part Of Your Roof

Posted on: 7 April 2016


When your contractor is working on building your new house, they don't just stick the roof on top of the walls. The walls are held up by temporary trusses until the permanent roof trusses are added and the walls are stabilized. Then the temporary wall trusses can be taken down since the permanent roof trusses take over the job of keeping the walls square, the roof stable, and the house standing.


A truss is generally a wooden structure and is almost always made in the shape of a triangle. The reason that the truss is in a triangular shape is that it allows the stresses to be spread equally and along paths that can be easily supported. The larger triangle of the truss may be made up of a series of smaller triangles. The reason for this is that having the truss constructed out of several smaller triangles to make up a larger triangle strengthens the truss, which in turn strengthens your house.

Truss Use

There will be a number of trusses that will make up the support for your roof. How many trusses your roof has and how they are spaced depends on several things, including how heavy your roof will be, how big your house is, and how heavy a load your roof may end up carrying from things like snow. The contractor will also have to make sure that the trusses are the proper dimensions for your house.

How Trusses Work

The contractor installs the truss by connecting it to the load-bearing walls of your house. The truss then takes the weight of the roof and the stresses that are placed on it and then distributes that weight and stress down through load-bearing walls and into the ground. Not only do the trusses support the roof, they also help to keep your house square. The weight of the roof on top of your walls without the trusses would not only cause the roof to collapse, it would also push the walls out of square and could cause the entire house to collapse. 

The contractor for your new house is going to do what they can to make sure that your house is as strong and long-lasting as possible. One way to do that is to make sure that they use trusses to hold up the roof and the tie the entire house together and strengthen it. To learn more about roof structure, talk to a roofing expert like those at American Building & Roofing Inc.