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Family From Out Of Town Visiting? How To Make Your Exterior Impressive

If you have family that you have not seen in some time visiting you, you want them to have a great impression of your home. This impression should include the exterior because this will give them their first impression. Below are two things you should consider doing.

Resurface Paved Driveway

If you have a pavement driveway that has seen its better days, you can resurface it to bring it back to all its glory. Resurfacing means installing a new layer over the current driveway. This layer is generally made of asphalt. This is much less expensive than tearing out your driveway and putting in a new one.

If you have cracks on your driveway, they may be able to put the asphalt layer right over them if they are not very large. If the cracks are large or there are other large areas of damage, the contractor will repair these areas. They will use a hot rubberized sealant to put over the damaged area. They may also place a paving fabric over the area before they start the resurfacing.

You should hire a contractor to put the surface of asphalt over your driveway if you are not experienced doing this. If you mess up, you will have to replace the entire driveway. Once the process is finished, you will have to wait a certain amount of time, such as one or two days, before you can walk or drive on your driveway.

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Update Landscaping

Update your landscaping to go along with your newly resurfaced driveway. If you have current flower beds, make sure all the weeds are pulled. Deadhead your flowers that have spent blooms on them. Depending on the flower, new blooms may take their place. If you have hedges that are unruly, trim them up so that they are uniform in size.

Fill up a beautiful container with fragrant flowers and set it by your front door. Your family members will smell this fragrance as they walk into your home. Some flowers you can choose from include:

  • Jasmine
  • Hyacinth
  • Heliotrope
  • Dianthus

Choose flowers that grow well in the zone that you live in. The garden center employee can help you with this.

Hire a landscaper to help you update your landscaping, if needed.

When you are finished doing these things, add some finishing touches. Hang a beautiful wreath on your front door, put a rocking chair on your front porch, and more.

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Engaging An Engineer For Unique Truss Design: What The Engineer Can Do For Your Trusses

If you have put in a bid for a construction project, and the client decides that he or she wants a more interesting or uniquely-shaped roof, can you deliver? You might get stuck between a rock and a hard place here; if you continue, you will have to figure out how to make the changes work. If you drop the project, it may make your company look bad and you might lose more projects because of it. Here is where a structural engineer’s expertise comes in handy, and here is how the engineer can help you fulfill those unique truss orders.

Examining and Resolving Potential Structural Issues

While you could probably finagle some means of creating the roof shape your client has requested using standard truss shapes, the fact remains that there may be some structural issues for which you did not anticipate. These structural issues can be resolved long before they become a problem by consulting with a structural engineer. The engineer can look at the ideas that the client wants and then use CAD design software to create structurally strong and sound trusses that will also provide the correct shaping. Then the designs can be sent to a truss manufacturer, where the custom trusses can be built before your construction crew gets to the top of the building.

The engineer can also predict where there might be some building integrity issues with these custom trusses. He or she can then order that the trusses be built with extra metal braces and additional wood supports at the key points where the structural integrity issues are expected to occur. With the addition of these braces, you can guarantee your client that his/her unique roof will last and will hold up against extreme weather conditions.

Running Simulations to Show Why and How Some Designs May Be Left Undone

On the flip side of that same coin, a structural engineer can run computerized simulations to show why you may need to drop the project or ask the client to readjust his/her expectations. Because the engineer has already created the program and run the simulation, all you would need to do is show your client the simulation. Then you can discuss other options for the shape of the client’s roof and possible alternatives for a custom roof. You may want your consulting engineer to be present so that he/she can best explain the simulation to the client and offer some solutions that the client might find agreeable. Then you would not have to drop the project and could move ahead with the rest of the construction.

To learn more, contact a company like Truss Components of Washington. 

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Four Signs It May Be Time To Replace The Siding On Your Home

Siding that is placed on the sides of houses is not meant to last forever. It needs to be replaced after so many years, but knowing exactly when it is time to replace the siding can be very hard for many homeowners to know. The guide below walks you through a few ways to know if it is time to replace the siding on your home.

Siding Has Started to Fade

If you look at your siding and see that some areas of the siding are no longer the same color as other areas of your siding, it may be time to have your siding replaced. After extended exposure to direct sunlight, siding can start to fade. When it starts to fade, it is a sign that it is starting to become brittle and may start breaking.

Siding Has Started to Ripple

Siding will contract and expand as the weather changes throughout the year. During the expanding and contracting process, the siding can stretch out a bit and start to ripple. Rippling siding is not good because it can create gaps between the different pieces of siding that may let rain, snow, or even bugs get between the siding and the home.

Siding Has Cracks in It

If you look closely at your siding and see that there are numerous cracks in it, it is time to have the siding replaced. The siding has been exposed to the elements for too long and is starting to deteriorate. Cracked siding cannot provide your home the protection it needs because it could be torn from the home easily if a strong gust of wind passes by your home.

Bugs Are Living Beneath the Siding

If you notice bugs flying away from one area of your home repeatedly, you may want to look closely at the area to see if the bugs are actually going into your home or simply landing on the outside of it. Bugs can build nests between the siding and the exterior of your home, if the siding is not properly attached to the house.

If you notice any of the issues listed above, contact a siding contractor right away. He or she will be able to look at your siding and let you know if it is in fact time to replace the siding. The contractor will know how to remove the old siding and put up new siding quickly and easily so that you do not have to go weeks without having siding on the side of your home.   

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