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Maintenance Tasks To Keep Your Revolving Business Door In Great Shape

If you have a revolving door at the entrance of your business, then this door is a bit more complicated than a regular hinged door. This means that it needs a bit more maintenance than a traditional front door. If you want your door to work well without any issues, then keep reading to learn about a few maintenance tasks you should perform.

Inspect The Bottom Sweep

Your revolving door will have several doors that are connected in the middle. Each door will connect to a central post and to attachments that sit along the ceiling. The doors will not connect to the floor, because debris can catch along the bottom door edges and prevent movement. Instead, sweepers are installed to help move debris out and away from the doors, and they are installed along the small gap underneath them. 

Sweepers are either nylon, polyester, or polypropylene brushes or vinyl or rubber strips. Inspect the sweepers carefully for damage and replace them if you notice any cracks, breaks, or missing brush bristles. Purchase sweepers from your local revolving door specialist that are the same size and width as the ones currently installed. Sweepers sit in small channels on the bottom edge of each door. To remove the old sweeper, move the edge of the door to the open doorway and look for a small end that keeps the sweeper in place. Remove the screw that keeps the end secured and pull out the old sweeper. Slip the new sweeper into the channel and replace the cap.

Grease The Door

The revolving door will secure into a base called a ceiling canopy, and a circular part sits in the middle of the canopy. This part is called the pivot bearing and it allows the revolving door to spin. Specifically, the bearing will have an open track that holds the doors and lets them move in a circular path around the bearing. If you want the doors to keep moving, then you will need to grease the bearing on occasion. 

Purchase an all purpose or lithium-based grease and place a small amount in the bearing track. Do this every few months to keep movements smooth. Also, when you grease the door, make adjustments to door speed by twisting the speed control screw. This screw sits on the outside of the bearing and it makes it easier or harder to spin the revolving door. Adjustments should be made depending on the season. For example, a slow spinning door is best in winter to keep patrons from slipping on accumulated ice as they enter your business. Contact a business, such as Dynamic Door Service, Inc., for more information.   

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3 Warning Signs It Is Time To Replace Your Gas Furnace

If you have a gas furnace that has some age on it, there are some warning signs you can watch for so you know that it is time to replace it. This can help save you save money in expensive future repairs. Even if your furnace needs repaired, spare parts for it may no longer be available for it. A malfunctioning gas furnace can also leak gas into your home, causing carbon monoxide poisoning. Keep reading to learn of three warning signs.

Yellow Flame

When your gas furnace is burning, you should see a blue flame. If the flame you are looking at appears to be yellow, this is a sign carbon monoxide is leaking into your home. The flame should also be stable at all times, and if there is a problem the flame will not only be yellow but will also flicker.  If there is a yellow flame you may notice there is soot built up inside the furnace, pipes are rusty, or water is leaking out from any area of the exhaust system.

Dry, Stale Air

If you notice that your nose, throat and skin constantly feel dry, your gas furnace may be the culprit. If you have once healthy plants all of a sudden start wilting. This is because your furnace may not be able to clean and moisturize the air like a newer one could. If someone in your home has allergies, their symptoms may all of a sudden become much worse. You may notice you have static shock when you touch some things, and you may notice more dust than you normally do.

House Not Comfortable

If your furnace is not working properly, it will not be able to keep your home comfortable. Even though your thermostat may be set for 70 degrees, other rooms may be 75 degrees. This can raise your energy bills because even if certain areas of your home are not the right temperature, the furnace will keep working trying to maintain the temperature. This also makes the furnace work overtime causing even more damage.

Contact a furnace repair technician if you have any of these symptoms. Even if you do not and your furnace is very old you should consider replacing it anyway so you can avoid all of this from happening to you. A furnace technician, like one from Adams Plumbing & Heating, can suggest the right type of furnace and do the complete installation for you.

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