Why A Vinyl Window Frame Is A Great Choice

Posted on: 5 October 2016


Are your home's windows having issues with closing and opening, or are they very old and not looking attractive anymore? You may be looking to replace them with new windows. The biggest decision you'll have when purchasing new windows is what sort of frame material will be used. With so many materials to pick from, know that you can't go wrong with vinyl. Here is some information that will help reassure you that vinyl will be a great choice.


Many homeowners love vinyl for their window frames because it has relatively little maintenance. Vinyl doesn't need to be painted to keep it looking good, which is a problem that is associated with wood frames. Vinyl will not have issues with corrosion either, which is a problem with aluminum windows.

A vinyl frame will be strong, with the ability to resist problems that can happen due to the weather. At most, you'll need to clean the vinyl frame using water and soap to remove dirt that has gotten on the windows.

Energy Savings

You may be looking to get rid of your old aluminum windows because they don't properly seal anymore. This problem lets cold air into your house and can cause drafts that make you want to change your thermostat in response. A vinyl window frame will be energy efficient and perform much better than materials like aluminum that are known to conduct heat fairly easily.

The factor that rates the energy efficiency of a window is its U-factor. If the U-factor is low, it means that it is able to resist the loss of heat. A vinyl window frame's U-factor is between 0.3–0.5, and an aluminum frame has a U-factor that could go up to 2.0. If energy efficiency is a concern, vinyl will be ideal.


Vinyl is a fine material for homeowners that are looking to not spend a ton of money on windows. They will be cheaper than alternative materials like fiberglass and wood. While aluminum frames are cheaper, you must remember that vinyl has many benefits over using aluminum and that it may not be the best choice for your home in long-term savings.

When you are ready to replace your home's windows, get in touch with a window contractor at a company like Jerry Newman Roofing & Remodeling, Inc. in your area. They'll be able to provide you with cost estimates, as well as perform the installation for you.