Liven Up Your Old Victorian Home With These Two Tips For People On A Budget

Posted on: 28 December 2016


If you have been lucky enough to find a beautiful Victorian house, but it's in need of a bit of work, then you should be excited. Look at it as an opportunity to turn it into a really wonderful, historic, and beautiful house. While you may not have the money available to do major renovations, there are three really beautiful things you can do that will make your Victorian house shine. Here are two really fun ideas you can have done while on a budget.

Bring In The House Painters To Transform It Into A Painted Lady

Victorian houses are sometimes painted in a variety of light colors (often pastels) and these homes have gotten the name Painted Ladies. They are really beautiful, and they will make your home stand out among the many other historic homes in your neighborhood. What you can do is look online at many of the photos online of the various Victorian painted ladies around the country and take ideas about what you might like. One thing you should consider is that the painted ladies use color to highlight the Victorian homes wonderful architectural details. So, for instance, you might have a pale canary yellow used as the trim, and a light pink used on the soffits and molding, and a base color of a powder blue for the walls.

When you speak with the house painters, make it clear that you want a multi-colored house, and you will be using pastel colors. Have them come and show you the test colors on your house. It's not good enough to try the paint on a scrap piece of 2x4 because that is fresh wood. The colors might not look the same on your old Victorian home. So they will need to paint small test patches around your home. Companies like J Maintenance Co may be able to help meet your needs in this area.

Sand And Polish The Floors

You want nice, exposed wood floors. Rugs are fine, but you never want to have wall to wall carpets in an old Victorian. What you want are small rugs and lots of exposed wood. So rent a sanding machine and clean up the old floors. Buy a dust mask so that you don't breathe in any of the old wood dust and chemicals from the stain that will get thrown up in the air. Then, after the wood has been sanded down to a clean, raw state, you can apply a fresh stain. If you don't feel comfortable applying stain (or natural oil or wax) then you can bring in a floor expert to work on this aspect of the house.