The Dangers Of Leaving A Broken Chimney Unfixed

Posted on: 15 July 2017


When you recognize that your chimney needs to be repaired, you should do so it as soon as possible. A chimney is a structural feature that can have several negative consequences when left broken and unfixed. Here are just some of the dangers of avoiding chimney repair.

Bricks Fall on Your Head

The thing with bricks is that they interlock. When some of these bricks are loose, broken and out of place, they can fall from the roof and land on whatever is below. That includes you, or anyone you know passing around the house. That also could end up being a major lawsuit against your homeowner's insurance policy or against you personally.

The Chimney Collapses Inward

The chimney is the primary exit for smoke for your fireplace. If the chimney collapses inward, the bricks block the flue. A blocked flew means that the smoke and ash has nowhere to go but into your home as it looks for an exit. That becomes a very smelly, dirty, and dangerous mess to your ability to breathe.

The Chimney Explodes

A blocked chimney can also explode. The buildup of ash, smoke, intense heat from a fire in the fireplace, and the broken chimney sets the stage for a raucous explosion. If your chimney explodes, it could also set fire to the roof as it releases the fire from the incinerating ash in the flue.

Additionally, if your chimney is on the side of your house and particularly close to your neighbor's home, it could cause damage to their home too. That is definitely not something you want to deal with, nor would you want to live next door to someone whose home you partially destroyed. It would create some very hostile feelings between you and that neighbor for years to come.

The Roof Sets on Fire

What is the worst case scenario for a broken, damaged, and ignored chimney? Your roof sets on fire and destroys a large portion of your house before the fire is extinguished. Ignoring the current damage to your chimney and lighting a fire in the fireplace is the first step toward destruction of your home. If you do not know the current condition of your chimney, climb up to your roof and check before you ever start a fire in the fireplace. Any signs of damage to the chimney means that you should avoid fire at all costs. Click here to investigate further.