Three Mistakes To Avoid When Choosing Replacement Windows

Posted on: 3 August 2017


Having new windows installed in your home, whether from necessity or simply to update the look, can be exciting. Yet, these windows are a major investment. The following guide can help you avoid some major mistakes.

#1: Ignoring energy ratings

You have many choices when it comes to modern windows and energy efficiency. The most popular option is insulated windows. These generally have two or more layers of glass with air or gas trapped between them to provide insulation. Insulated windows are an excellent choice for most of your home, and it is worth it to invest in the highest insulative value that fits within your budget – especially if you live somewhere with low or high temperature extremes. The only place to avoid the use of insulated windows is on doors. This is because the shaking that occurs in normal use can break the seal around the glass panes and cause moisture to collect inside the windows. A storm door is a better option for doors that have windows.

#2: Choosing the wrong frame option

You will have three choices when it comes to the frame and casements for your windows: wood, aluminum or vinyl. Wood has a classic look, but only choose it if you are willing to strip and repaint the frames and casements every couple of years. Failure to do so results in peeling paint and wood rot. Vinyl is affordable and durable, plus it comes in a variety of colors and designs that mimic wood. The only time vinyl isn't a good option is if you live in a hail-prone area, since hail stones can crack vinyl. Aluminum is a bit more resistant to breakage and offers many of the benefits of vinyl, but it can be dented.

#3: Budgeting too low

Windows are a major investment that can realistically last for your lifetime, so it's important that you choose wisely. When budgeting, consider how many years you plan to live in the home to determine your return on the investment. To this end, you don't want to pick a frame or glass style you don't like if you plan on living with the windows for decades. Make sure to budget enough for the extras that you want, such as decorative glass work or window grilles. Also, make sure the casement style is exactly what you want, whether you desire double hung sliders or windows that swing outward.

For more help, contact a window replacement contractor, such as Robert G Miller, who can help you find the perfect windows for your home.