Allergy Sufferers May Find Relief With Decorative Concrete Flooring

Posted on: 1 October 2017


For those who suffer from upper respiratory problems, such as asthma or allergies, the indoor air quality of your home is typically a top-priority. Fortunately, there are several construction options that can help you have a healthier indoor air environment, such as installing an air purifier and/or a humidifier. But did you know is that concrete flooring is also an excellent allergy-free option? Interior decorative concrete flooring can help homeowners who have respiratory problems have fresher and cleaner interior air.

The Problem with Some Flooring Materials

Carpeting is one of the most common causes of irritants that may trigger upper respiratory problems. Not only does your carpeting retain dust, pollen, mold, dander, but it also traps these contaminants in large quantities that typically cannot be completely eliminated through vacuuming. Tile flooring seems to naturally attract dust particles and even with rigorous mopping, the dust and dirt continue to accumulate in the grout. Concrete, however, resists the buildup of contaminants and irritants, which makes it a safer and healthier option.

Contaminant Resistant & Easy to Maintain

When decorative concrete flooring is installed, a protective sealer is generally applied, which makes the concrete impenetrable. This sealer helps prevent mold, bacteria, dust mites, pollen and other contaminants from residing in and on the flooring; ultimately preventing irritation for those with respiratory problems. Concrete flooring is also easy to clean and maintain, which helps to further eliminate airborne irritants and contaminants from foot traffic from lingering inside your home.

Stylish, Irritant-Free, and Inexpensive

Not only is a decorative concrete floor an excellent alternative to other allergen collecting flooring materials, such as carpet and tile, but it is also versatile, stylish and inexpensive. Concrete flooring is quickly becoming a popular choice in flooring for homeowners, in part because of its resistance to allergens, but also for the wide variety of colors, textures, and designs you can choose from. Interior concrete flooring can be styled to resemble marble, brick, cobblestone or even wood and for a fraction of what it would cost for these other materials.

With the installation of decorative concrete flooring, your home can have healthier, fresher air, which may reduce or eliminate the onset and irritation of upper respiratory problems. Although having healthy, allergen-free air in your home is an accomplishment in itself, there are also a wide range of other benefits you can expect with a concrete floor. For example, not only is a concrete floor is stain resistant, water resistant, energy efficient and environmentally-friendly, but it also helps maintain a steady indoor temperature, which is beneficial for keeping the symptoms of allergies and asthma under control. 

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