3 Bits Of Information To Keep In Your Commercial AC Maintenance Log

Posted on: 1 November 2017


During the hottest times of the year, the air conditioning system you have installed in your place of business gives you a comfortable climate where your employees and customers can feel comfortable. However, too many commercial business owners neglect their air conditioning system until it is obvious there is something wrong. Most professionals recommend that business owners keep a maintenance log for your commercial AC. This doesn't have to be a complicated thing that takes a lot of your time to be effective. Here is a look at three bits of information to keep in your commercial AC maintenance log as a business owner. 

Take note of when you change filters in your AC unit. 

Filter changes are the single most important DIY thing you can do to protect the life of your system. A lot of business owners use the "look-and-see" method of determining when a filter needs to be changed just by seeing if it is dirty. However, it is a better idea to keep track of when you change the filter in your AC maintenance log, and change it according to the manufacturer's guidelines instead. Just this one thing can improve the efficiency of your air system by 5 to 15 percent. 

Take note of any maintenance visits and what occurs during those visits. 

Any time you have work done to your business's AC system, take note of it in your maintenance log. There are a few reasons why this important, including:

  • You can always reference work that has been done when asked by a repair professional
  • You will be able to see when your AC unit is requiring more maintenance and may have to soon be replaced
  • You can keep track of components that have a limited lifespan and replace them as needed
  • You can keep track of annual maintenance checks so you can schedule them the next year in a timely fashion

Take note of any problems you have with the system between maintenance visits. 

If your AC starts making an odd noise, jot it down. If your AC system seems to not be blowing as much as usual during certain times of the day, write it down. If there is a power outage that affects the AC system, take note of it. Even if things associated with your AC system seem insignificant, these details can be highly helpful if there is a bigger problem later on that could be relative to a certain symptom or incident. 

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