4 Metal Roofing Maintenance Tips To Prevent Leaks And Water Damage

Posted on: 10 July 2018


Metal roofing may be one of the most durable roofing materials to have installed on your business, but improper installation and poor maintenance can lead to leaks. To ensure your metal roofing does not leak and instead lasts for years, you want to make sure you know the maintenance needs to prevent leaks and water damage in your business. Here are some metal roofing maintenance tips to help prevent leaks and water damage that leads to costly repairs.

1. Installing Good Flashing And Underlayments With Metal Roofing

When you have metal roofing installed, it is important to make sure that you have a good underlayment with your new roof. On the main body of the roof, this should be a rubber- or plastic-like underlayment that also serves as an additional moisture barrier. Because flashing on your roof tends to collect a lot of runoff, you want to make sure a durable rubber roofing membrane is installed to provide reinforcement in these areas.

2. Checking For Damaged Rubber Seals And Hardware On Metal Roofs

When metal roofing is installed on your roof, the panels are usually screwed down. The screws or bolts have rubber gaskets on them, which can eventually dry out and cause leaks. It is essential to routinely inspect your roof and check the rubber gaskets and seals for signs of wear that can cause leaks. Make sure to replace any rubber on your roof that has cracks or is dry.

3. Removing Stubborn Stains That Could Be A Sign Of Corrosion

Stubborn stains on metal roofs can be a sign of the beginning of corrosion. When you see signs of stains on your roof, you want to remove them. First, try using a broom and a garden hose to lightly brush away the stains. If the stains still do not go away, use a diluted mixture of detergent and water to scrub them until they disappear.

4. Routinely Clean Metal Roofing To Keep It Free Of Debris That Can Cause Wear

The debris that builds up on metal roofing is often the cause of wear, stains, and leaks. To ensure your metal roof lasts for years to come, make sure that you routinely clean debris off the roof. This is especially important during the autumn months when leaves fall off the trees and build up in the areas like valleys, where they decay and cause wear of metal roofing.

These are some metal roofing installation and maintenance steps to prevent leaks that can cause serious water damage to your business. If you need help with installation, maintenance, or repairs of metal roofing, contact a professional roofing contractor like Danny Odom & Son Roofing to ensure you are business is free of leaks.