Plumbing And Heating: Four Areas In Your Home Where These Two Disciplines Cross Over

Posted on: 1 October 2018


You generally do not think of plumbing and heating in the same sentence. You think of one or the other. However, there are at least four areas in your home where plumbing and heating can and do cross over. Not all of them may apply to your home, but it is easy to see how contractors in these disciplines might be available for dual repairs on both systems.

Your Water Heater

Like most homes and buildings, you have a water heater. A water heater is both plumbing and heating because water flows into the tank, is heated up for dispersal to the rest of the house, and keeps water in the tank to reheat it as needed. A plumber can fix the water heater, but so can an HVAC technician.

Your Boiler

Some people heat their homes with a boiler. If this applies to you, your HVAC technician was probably the one that installed the boiler. Yet, because a boiler needs water and needs to heat the water to turn it into hot steam to heat your home, a plumber may be the one to repair it. It really does not matter much who repairs it, but it is a very good example of the plumbing and heating crossover. 

Your Washer/Dishwasher

Both your washer and dishwasher require hot water. They also require the necessary plumbing to channel the water into the machines, where the machines heat the water to an even hotter temperature than the water heater is typically allowed to do. An appliance repair technician is responsible for repairs, but it is often a plumber who installs the plumbing for these appliances.

Geothermal Air Conditioners

Not many people can boast that they have a geothermal air conditioner. If you can boast of such things, you are very fortunate. Additionally, you were probably home the day this system was installed. Besides a construction contractor, it required a plumbing contractor and an HVAC contractor to complete this highly technical and complicated job. It falls under heating and cooling, but a lot of pipes are necessary to make this system work effectively. The pipes help channel the cool and/or hot air in the correct directions so that your home is always comfortable. If you ever need repairs, it will probably be the HVAC contractor/technician helping you, unless it has something to do with the pipes inside the home, and then the plumber will help you.