Bracing For Impact: How You Can Use A Crash Truck To Prevent Employee Injuries

Posted on: 26 December 2018


When you work road construction, there are always risks of getting hit by drivers in their vehicles. In fact, it is a pretty common occurrence. Still, there are ways to brace for these impacts and even prevent some of the potential harm to your road crews. Check out the following.

Road Barrels, Four Rows Deep

​Across the worked areas of the road, you can rent water barrels and place them four rows deep to deflect and slow down a vehicle that hits the barrels. The barrels are filled with eighty to one hundred gallons of water (depending on the size of the barrels), which when stacked four rows deep will get most passenger vehicles to stop after they hit and careen through the first two rows of barrels. Since the barrels are filled with water, no damage is done to the worked and completed sections of the road, and water will not harm any employee that is within a hundred feet of the barrels that are hit.

​Crash Truck Rentals

​Crash trucks are large platforms with multiple retractable leg braces. When the braces are put down to the road and locked in place, a heavy duty passenger pickup could hit the back of these trucks and cause next to no damage. Additionally, the force of a vehicle hitting the back or side of the crash truck will not budge the crash truck a single inch. Anybody in front of the truck and in the same lane is protected from at least two sides. If you park more than one crash truck around the work zone, there is almost no possible way a passenger vehicle can hit any of the work crew while they are on the job.

Concrete Barriers

​Concrete barriers are more difficult to get your hands on, and it is not likely that you can get enough of them to stretch out over the length of the road being worked. Still, if you can get a few of these in place, they do prevent passenger vehicles from sliding over the center line of the road from where cars are allowed to drive to the work zone where cars should not be driving until the work on that part of the road is completed. A combination of the concrete barriers, water barrels, and crash trucks is probably the best line of defense when you are most in earnest to protect your crews.

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