A Few Benefits Of Having A Basement

Posted on: 10 February 2019


If you are getting ready to have a house built, you have the option of having a basement or going with a solid foundation. It would be much easier to just have a slab poured and build your home on it. However, there are some very good reasons for having a basement. Before picking the final blueprints for your new place, consider the following.

More Room for Less Cost

When building a home, the big expenses come with the foundation and roofing. The larger the footprint of the building, the more it is going to cost you. Having a basement means you have more room. It does not have to be empty space or only for storage. You can finish it the way you would the rest of the house. Create bedrooms, a living room, or have the game room you always wanted. 

Save on Heating and Cooling

When you have a basement and use it for living space, you will find you do not need to have the heating and cooling systems running so much to keep everyone comfortable. The basement areas will stay cool in the summer and warmer in the winter since the temperature at 10 feet below ground stays at a constant 60 degrees Fahrenheit. While you may need to heat it a bit to get to a comfortable temperature, it will not take as much as it would to heat an area that is above the ground and has the cold wind or hot sun beating on it. 

Safe Area From Extreme Weather

If you live in an area that experiences extreme winds, tornadoes or hurricanes, a basement could save your life. As long as you do not have to worry about flooding, getting everyone downstairs and underground is the safest place to be. You should have all your emergency equipment and spare food and water down there in case you need to stay down there for a while. Be sure to check or swap out supplies and food regularly so everyone will remain safe.

Yes, it is going to cost some money to have a basement dug. However, you will not have to put any siding on it, and the ground is very insulating. If you want or need more space than the floorplan you really want, talk to the contractor about basement construction. It will give you the needed extra room and won't mess up the look and feel of the rest of the house.