4 Tips To Help With The Maintenance And Repairs Needed To Prepare Your Hot Tub For Summer Nights

Posted on: 14 May 2019


Soon, the summer weather is going to be here, and while you may be working on getting your pool ready, you do not want to forget about the hot tub. There are also maintenance and repairs that need to be done to prepare your hot tub for the summer weather. The following tips will help with the maintenance and repairs that are needed to prepare your hot tub for summer weather:

1. Fill Your Hot Tub or Spa with Hot Water to Get Ready for Hot Summer Maintenance

The first thing that you will want to do to prepare for summer is maintenance. You will want to completely drain the pool and then partially fill it to flush out the pump, inlets, and outlets. After you have drained the hot tub and cleaned it, you will be ready to fill it and prepare it for summer nights.

2. Covering the Hot Tub and Keeping the Pump Running Even When Weather Is Warmer

Even when the weather outside gets warmer and you are not using the heater as much, you will want to keep your hot tub covered to keep it clean and prevent evaporation. It is also important to keep the water circulating to prevent problems with water quality and organisms like algae growing in the water. In addition, you may want to turn the heater on during cool nights when you plan on using your spa after a swim in your pool.

3. Weekly Water Treatment to Ensure the Water in Your Spa Stay Clean Throughout

It is also a good idea to treat the water throughout the summer months to ensure it is clean. You will want to treat the water every week during the hot weather to ensure that there is no algae or other organisms in the water. You may want to schedule routine maintenance visits from a spa maintenance service to do these treatments and inspect equipment.

4. Occasionally Changing Spa Water Partially or Fully After High Use Periods In Summer

While weekly treatments of the water in your spa can be good to keep the water clean during hot weather, it may not always be enough. If your hot tub gets a lot of use in the summer, you will want to occasionally partially drain it and refill it. If you throw a summer party or have a lot of guests, it may be best to completely change the water to ensure it is clean and safe throughout the summer months.

These are some tips to help with the maintenance and repairs that are going to be needed to prepare your hot tub for cool summer nights poolside. If you are ready to start preparing your pool and hot tub for summer, look online for a spa service like on http://www.anchorpools.com to make sure that the maintenance and repairs have been done.