Pros And Cons Of Lengthening Your Dock

Posted on: 18 October 2019


If you've recently decided to put some money into your waterfront home or your cottage, it's easy to spend the bulk of it inside of the dwelling. You'll want to consider what upgrades you can perform outdoors, too, and that may include taking a look at your dock. If your dock is on the modest side, extending it may be an exciting idea. This is especially a good project if you plan to add a second boat or you simply want to spend more time on the dock with family and friends. Here are some pros and cons of lengthening the dock.

Pro: More Space

The most obvious advantage of lengthening your dock is that it will give you more space for a variety of activities. If you have a friend who frequently visits you by boat, a longer dock will give them a suitable spot to moor up open arrival. If you often host large swimming parties for your children and their friends, more space on the dock will provide the kids with more spots to jump from the dock into the water.

Con: Bylaw Issues

Before you get serious about lengthening your dock, you'll definitely want to look into the area's marine bylaw rules concerning dock length. In many areas, residents' docks must not exceed a certain length. Extending the dock longer than this guideline can result in a tear-down order and potentially even a fine. It's important that you protect yourself legally before you tackle this expansion project.

Pro: Better Swimming

A big reason that many waterfront property owners elect to extend their docks is to provide better swimming. In many areas, weeds can be a fixture along the shore. This problem, coupled with shallow water, can limit your family's ability to enjoy the water — and make jumping and diving a complete no-no. Depending on the depth of the water, extending the dock by even a few yards can be perfect for swimming. The area around the end of the dock may be largely devoid of weeds, as well as deep enough for jumping.

Con: Safety Issues

Over time, boaters tend to get a sense of where they should travel on the water and may start to do so by habit. If you lengthen your dock, a careless boater who is traveling close to the shore near your property could inadvertently make contact with it — damaging or destroying the dock, and potentially causing serious injuries to themselves and the boat passengers. To lessen this risk, you'll want to install lights and reflectors along the new section of the dock.

For more information, contact a dock construction company.