Six Important Considerations When You Buy A Glass Shower Door

Posted on: 5 January 2020


A shower door is an important part of your bathroom design that needs to be both functional and aesthetically appealing. If you're in the process of selecting a new shower door for your bathroom, there are numerous factors to take into account to find the best option for your needs and preferences.

The following are six important considerations you want to look into when you buy a shower door for the best results in your new shower door installation.


One of the first steps to finding the right shower door is taking measurements. Obviously, your shower door needs to be appropriately sized to fit into your shower enclosure properly.

Remember that the most important shower door measurement is what the width of the shower door opening is at the widest point. Choosing a shower door using this measurement prevents your door from allowing water to leak out and get onto your bathroom floor when the shower is in use. 

Glass type

There are a few different glass options to choose from when it comes to glass shower doors. You can choose glass that is either clear, textured, or patterned. 

Clear glass is the most basic. However, if you want to enhance the aesthetics of your door, you can choose textured or patterned glass. 

Design style

A traditional glass shower door design features two sliding symmetrical doors. However, another design option is a pivot design which consists of one door that opens inward or outward. Pivot doors are typically chosen for smaller shower enclosures.

Another possible design is a tub shower door that rises from the top of the tub to the ceiling rather than from the floor to the ceiling. 


In addition to choosing a garage door, you'll also want to choose the hardware to mount the door.

You can choose different metals for your hardware including brass or stainless steel, You can also choose different features like knobs and handles for the opening mechanism of your door. 


A shower door typically costs between $1,200 and $1,800. However, your shower door can cost more or less depending on whether you want to spend more on a higher end door. Set a budget for your shower door purchase to narrow down your search for the right door. 


You're going to need to maintain your shower door to keep it in the best possible shape through the years. The main maintenance task is cleaning your shower door.

Be aware that some shower door types might be more difficult to clean than others. In particular, shower door designs that include tight enclosures or etching in shower door glass involve more difficult cleaning procedures. Residue can more easily accumulate on such doors and is more difficult to remove on such doors after it accumulates.

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