Repairing A Pool With A Leak: What You Can Do

Posted on: 26 March 2020


If your pool has a minor leak, it is something you can repair on your own. If the leak didn't cause any issues with the pool walls, you can repair your pool. If the pool walls are damaged in any way at all or are out of the track, the pool walls can be un-sturdy and this can make your pool dangerous for anyone that swims in your pool. After being sure your pool walls aren't damaged, you can then repair your pool. Read on for tips to repair your swimming pool leak.

Use A Patch Kit

A patch kit can repair your pool liner if it's just a minor hole or tear. If it's anything too large, you're going to need to repair your pool liner. Also, if your pool liner is tearing in multiple places, it may be because it's drying out and should also be replaced. If the tear or hole is smaller than six inches, you should be able to repair it with a patch kit. The patch kit can be found at your local swimming supply store, or some big box stores may also sell these kits. Simply follow the directions on the kit to repair the hole or tear. Usually, you need to cut the patch at least two inches larger than the hole/tear and then apply the adhesive to the patch, as well as to the area around the hole/tear. Then apply the patch and hold it in place for a few minutes to allow the patch to adhere properly.

Replace Your Liner

If you have a lot of damage to your pool liner, you may need to replace the entire liner. If the liner needs to be replaced, you're going to need help, as this is more than a one-person job. If you don't have anyone to help you with this, you're going to need to hire a professional pool repair company for help with this. If you do have people to help you, you'll need to remove the old liner by emptying it of water, then use a knife to cut up the old liner. Remove the rails and plastic clips along the top ledge of the pool, keeping track of every part so you don't lose anything. Once you have the old liner removed, you can start unfolding the new liner. Set it in the middle of the pool and start unfolding, then spread it out along the edges of the pool walls, finally pulling the liner up and over the pool walls. Once you have it in place, you need to immediately start attaching the clips and rails, while also adding water to the pool to prevent it from drying out too quickly in the sun. This is where all of those extra hands are going to come in handy. Continue filling it with water, smoothing wrinkles at the bottom of the liner, while attaching the rails around the pool.

If you have a leak in your pool, you need to repair it before your pool is damaged beyond repair. To learn more information about pool repair, reach out to a company such as Heritage Pool Plastering, Inc.