Tips To Update Your Backyard Space For Improved Enjoyment

Posted on: 19 May 2020


After being cooped up inside your home all winter, any warmth of spring weather pulls you outside to enjoy the sunshine and new spring growth. However, some weather conditions in spring and later in the heat of summer can make your outdoor space not as comfortable. But you can improve your backyard area for privacy and comfort to literally expand your home's living space to include your yard. Here are some updates you can make to your backyard to improve its usage for outdoor living.

Add a Patio Awning

When you add an outdoor awning to cover your patio, you instantly improve its usage for your outdoor activities. An exposed pad of pavement can get quite hot in the summer sun, making the area uncomfortable. However, an awning cover provides shade to the space and instantly cools the air of the patio ten to twenty degrees, depending on the weather conditions. 

You can add a retractable awning cover, which can be controlled electronically to extend the cover whenever you want shade for the area. Then, you can retract the patio cover when the weather turns chilly and you want to enjoy the sunshine, such as during early spring and late fall outdoor gatherings.

Look for an awning made of vinyl or polyester and acrylic-coated fabric that is going to last for a long time and stay resilient against fading from the sun. An awning made of these fabrics is going to hold up well if you live in a humid climate. When you live near the coast, avoid an awning made of vinyl-laminated polyester because it won't last in the humidity.

Install Outdoor Space Comfort

After you have installed an outdoor awning over your patio, you can look at improving the area in additional ways with some other features. First, you can place outdoor furniture outside on the patio. Because the area will be shaded from the sun, your furniture won't be exposed to the rain and the sun's UV rays so they will stay cleaner and last longer. 

If you have installed a fixed patio cover, you can look at adding a ceiling fan to the space. With a ceiling fan, you can create a slight breeze to help cool the area further and keep flies, mosquitoes, and other pesky flying insects out of the area. You can also look at adding an outdoor cooking area with one or more items, such as an outdoor cooker, BBQ grill, smoker, and fridge to keep food and drinks chilled.

To learn more, contact a supplier that carries retractable awnings.