Duct Maintenance And HVAC Efficiency

Posted on: 12 February 2015

The fluctuating price you pay to heat and cool your home can make it hard to make your budget work. When it gets really hot in the summer or really cold in the winter, your heating costs can eat up your budget. If you do your best to maintain the efficiency of your heating and cooling units, you will need to maintain your machines properly, but no matter how well you maintain your machines, you cannot forget to maintain your ducts.
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Furnace Services: Cleaning The Combustion Chamber Of Furnaces

Posted on: 9 February 2015

The furnace in your home has an approximate lifespan of 15 years although the amount of energy needed to power the furnace may increase with time due to a decrease in overall efficiency. To increase the lifespan of your furnace so that it will remain operational for a longer period of time and to maintain its efficiency in overall function, opt for annual furnace servicing, which typically cost less than $100. One of the main services offered will be to clean out the combustion chamber.
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How To Keep Granite Countertops In Great Condition

Posted on: 4 February 2015

The great thing about using granite as a countertop surface in a kitchen or is how durable it is. The natural stone is capable of taking a lot of abuse after years of heavy use. Since the surface can be treated to make it waterproof, it makes granite a perfect choice for areas where a countertop is prone to getting wet. If you do decide to go with granite countertops in your home, make sure to follow these tips to keep it in great condition:
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Spring Is Coming! (So Are Problems With Sagging And Raised Fence Posts)

Posted on: 29 January 2015

It won't be long before spring is here and the ground will start to thaw, then freeze, then thaw...then freeze some more. By the time all the freezing and thawing is done, you may be looking out your window at a fence that no longer holds a nice even line. Some of your fence posts may end up sunken into the ground below the rest, and others may be sticking awkwardly in the air!
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